Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Shitty Day Turned Awesome

I did a really stupid thing today. I killed my laptop, at least the screen portion of the laptop. Since the screen is cracked with a white fuzzy background, who the he'll knows if the rest of it works. It seems to turn on...

After the laptop plunged to it's possible death I immediately felt sickish. I didn't know whether to scream obscenities or cry. I called Scott and left a pathetic message about not being able to blog or Facebook for his company the rest of the week since I'll be in Arkansas, yes really, and can't get the computer fixed before I go. When he called me back he treaded lightly and asked me I if I was okay before he started laughing. Not hysterical laughing, more like little chuckles.

Me: You think this is funny?

Scott: There's not much to do but laugh and try to get it fixed.

Me: (trying not to hyperventilate) Umm, I guess, but I can't blog or Facebook for work not to mention my own blog or making new playlists for cycling.

Scott: Are you okay enough for me to ask you a question?

Me: (slightly exasperated & taking loud deep breaths) What?!?

Scott: How about I go to the apple store and get an iPad for us to share? You can take it to Arkansas and I'll try to get the laptop fixed. After you get back and the laptop is fixed, then I'll try it out for work.

Me: Fuck yeah!

So right now I'm typing on the new iPad! Wahoo baby!!! You know that thing between men and women where women just want to vent and men want to solve their problems and there is a failure to communicate? That was not the case today. I was forlorn, defeated and pathetic and Scott was my hero and solved my problem! BEST. HUSBAND. EVER!

It's true that Scott has been itching for any excuse to pull the trigger on an iPad, but I say so what. Win-win! I will need that laptop fixed or have to get a new one. My desktop is a dinosaur and while for some reason we still have it, it's unplugged and may or may not actually work. It was bang your head against the wall slow when last used a year and a half ago. I briefly considered trying to get it to work earlier, but then my angel of mercy said he would bring home an iPad and that crazy thought flew out of my head. And while this iPad is the bomb, it isn't perfect. For example, I cannot figure out how to scroll up to the top of this post and change he'll to hell and a pretty funny post that I composed last night cannot be edited and will have to wait until the full fledged computer is repaired. However, I can mostly blog, I can use the full web version of Facebook for work, I can FaceTime, I can show other people how awesome I am by using the iPad while out and about and and I can play Angry Birds on a larger screen. Pretty fucking cool!

Peace & Love :-)

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