Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Greetings from AR

My daughter and I have made it to Arkansas which in case you weren't sure is abbreviated AR not AK. AK is Alaska. Before leaving home I was trying to map the area around our hotel and when I put in the hotel address I selected the first A state which was AK and I got a map of Juno. We are here for my daughter's sporting event not because we thought the South in July would be a dream vacation. We have been outside only in limited doses, but enough to confirm that the heat and humidity combo is truly oppressive.

We are staying in downtown Little Rock which allegedly has a happening restaurant scence down by the River Walk. We are about 10 blocks from the river and can't quite see anything that looks happening from our room. After traveling all day we aren't so much for exploring tonight and having had plane snacks for lunch we were starving upon check-in. According to the info in my room there is a real restaurant around the corner, but it wasn't where it was supposed to be (turns out the actual address according to the restaurant's website is across the river - maybe they moved or maybe my hotel is confused). We were getting starvinger by the minute so we ended up at McDonalds. Truly a last resort for me. I finally find grilled chicken wraps that look possibly edible on the menu and we order. Then we wait and wait and wait... Still starving and obviously desperate we finally get food. I suspect they actually killed the chicken out back meaning, although it took FOREVER, my wraps were super fresh.

Back at the room I start perusing the listing of additional services by the hotel including swimming pool, business services, laundry and postage stamps (such a relief), but where's the gym? I swear online this place said they had a gym. I brought my gear and I may not make it through 5 days in AR without an indoor workout facility. I start walking in circles and muttering. Finally I gain enough composure to call the front desk and ask.

Me: "I thought this place had a gym." (slightly huffy)

Front Desk Dude: "Yes, ma'am we have a gym on the 2nd floor and we will give you passes to the gym across the street." (super duper nicely)

Me: "Oh cool. Thanks very much. Have a great evening. Thanks again." (attempting to compensate for being a total douche initially)

Uneventful plane trip, easy drive to the hotel, procurement of food-ish, and confirmation of not 1 but 2 gyms of some sort = successful day. Plus a dude in the elevator actually said dagumit to me as in "Thanks for holding the elevator. I didn't really want to take the stairs dagumit!" Awesome!

Tomorrow morning = food, gym and The William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Museum. Really. Much to the 10 year olds dismay, it's the only local thing I really really want to do. I don't ever plan on returning to Little Rock so it's very likely a once in a lifetime opportunity dagumit!

Peace & Love :-)

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