Friday, July 8, 2011


My electronics are conspiring against me! I am all about my iPhone, my MacBook, emailing, facebooking, twittering, blogging, & texting, however that's not working out that well for me today. 

This morning, as I was schlepping all around town looking for very specific special fabric glue, my Yelp app was being a complete asshole. I had just come out of one store who was out of said adhesive and was trying to Yelp another store just so I could have their # to call and see if they had what I needed and Yelp wouldn't work because:

Yelp: You don't have your location setting on.

Me: Fine. I'd like to turn that on. How do I do that? Doesn't seem to be in settings?


Me: Nothing I'm pushing is giving me the option to turn on the current location thingy.


Me: (exit app & restart app)

Yelp: Please set location setting to on.

Me: Fuck you!

Ring ring....

Me: Hello.

Scott: Hey, what are you doing?

Me: (in one breath) I'm sitting in the car trying to get my Yelp app to fucking work so I can find the number for Michael's to see if they have the glue I need cuz if they don't then I need to find the nearest JoAnn's which I don't think Yelp is going to fucking find for me either and when I tried my yellow pages app it kept giving me white pages info for dudes named Michael! 


Me: What are you doing?

Scott: Nothing.

Scott then Googles the info I need and I write down the phone numbers and addresses. I wrote them down with pen and paper. I almost never use pen and paper. My handwriting is for shit these days. My map app thing worked fine so I was able to get to JoAnn's and get the glue. 

After I'm home I see an email from Target offering me the chance to win $ if I sign up for paperless billing for my REDcard. Love paperless billing. Love free Target $. Sign me up. The link on the email didn't work and I actually had to type in in my browser, figure out where my account info was and then try to sign. I kept failing at the sign in and Target was telling me I better push their 'forgot password' link for fear of getting locked out of my account. So I do, then I have to get up and get my wallet, take out the card and enter my card number and answer security questions all for a username I totally should be able to remember. I finally get in and get to the billing screen. Guess what? I'M ALREADY SIGNED UP FOR PAPERLESS BILLING! In my defense the card is brand new and I haven't been billed yet so I didn't know for sure what my setting was. It makes sense that I signed up for paperless, but since they sent me the email baiting me to switch I thought I hadn't done it yet. It is unclear to me, since I was already signed up for paperless billing, if I am entered to win the $ or not.

Finally, I was trying to print some travel info for my trip to Arkansas next week (try to contain your jealousy) and my MacBook froze. I was getting the spinning color wheel which doesn't happen that often. It's not like a PC where the freeze up is an everyday thing. I tried clicking on the little apple on the top left which is supposed to respond to let you force quit, but it was not responding. There are 3 buttons to push to force quit, but I can't remember what they are as I hardly ever need to use them. They are not ctrl-alt-del, that I know. It's escape-command-alt or escape-ctrl-alt or something. Usually when I try a few different combinations I get one to work. Not today. Nothing. I start tapping forcefully on keys and saying hurtful things to the MacBook whom usually I am head over heals for and finally do the unthinkable- turn it off & back on. I know this is a no-no, but I seriously had no choice. Obviously, the computer is back on and seems to be working, but as far as printing the airline and hotel info, I said fuck it and WROTE IT DOWN. I used a sticky note and saved a ton of paper.

Maybe I needed some karmic lesson in writing shit down today. IDK! Hey karma- I'm all good. I still remember how to use a pen. Can I go back to typing now?

Peace & Love :-)

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