Wednesday, July 20, 2011

25 Random Things Revisted

A couple of years ago there was a thing that people were doing on facebook where you make a list of 25 random things about yourself and tag friends and then those tagged were supposed to make a list and so on. I pretty much never do that kind of shit. Send me any type of chain snail mail/email and I will curse you and throw it away/delete it. Years ago I  got one for underwear. I was supposed to shop for underwear and send it to someone so then I would end up with 50 new pairs of underwear picked out by the suckers I sent my letters to. That's some freaky shit. 

After being tagged on the fb thing a couple times and reading some funny lists, I decided to give it a go. It turned out to be fun and while I did tag people, I wrote a disclaimer about not expecting anyone to come up with a list. I originally wrote this list in Jan 2009 so the year markers are off. I've changed names as we are in the witness protection program (not really but that strikes me as so much funnier than the actual reason I don't use real names here) and added some new comments in blue.

1. I've met very few sweet treats that I couldn't eat copious amounts of. It's easier for me to have no cookies/candy/bites of... then to have just 1. I can eat just 1 or 2 in public, but cannot do so in the privacy of my own home. Is there such a thing as sugar rehab?

2. I like word games. Like is a gross understatement. I love me some Scrabble. Scott won't play with me cuz he says I'm evil. It's called a tight board and strategy!

3. My husband was supposed to be my transition guy. That was almost 17 years ago and we've been together ever since. Make that 19 years of sweet togetherness. Seems like a mere 15.

4. I will be forever thankful that I lived down the street from XYZ Park where I met so many smart, witty and loyal women that have become some of my closest friends. Love those ladies! Group hug!

5. I drink several cups of black coffee every day. Except during my first pregnancy when I obediently gave up caffeine. I had a cupish a day during my second pregnancy- also I had some soft cheeses and possibly some sushi. The second kid seems fine.

6. I am a coffee snob. The day I discovered the coffee roaster had disappeared from my Costco was a low point. I stood there pointing and swearing and calling or texting anyone I could think of to complain to. I'm not sure I even completed my shopping. If you give me a bag of dark roast Peet's coffee beans, I will be your best friend.

7. I wear sunglasses even on a cloudy day. Thus protecting my eyes and showing how cool I am.

8. I would love to be trained by either Jillian or Bob from The Biggest Loser. Apparently Jillian is leaving the show, but I'd still let her whip my ass into shape. I'm a bit skeptical about Anna Kournikova taking her place. Um... really?

9. I have a mini me (and so does Scott). May the force be with us.

10. My daughter's middle name is the French version of my middle name and my son's middle name is the Irish version of Scott's middle name. Yep, we're awesome. Just ask us. We'll tell you.

11. I learned to Wake Board 2 summers ago when I was 35. I was determined to get up on that board, because the 17 year old one cabin over made it look so easy. It took me 10 tries before I got up and I could barely walk for a couple days, but I did it damn it- my husband and my father both got up in less tries than me, but I did it first. Now I don't even bother to ski, only wakeboard. I want to get a skim board/surf board thingy so I can get hip with that.

12. Once upon a time I was a natural blonde. Over the years I've been a blonde, a brunette and a red head. The red hair was a bad choice for me. There are no pictures of the red headed me. It was tragic.

13. For most of my adult life I did not enjoy costume parties. Thanks to my pal and her penchant for themed birthday parties, I have learned to embrace the chance to don a costume. I am willing to go for it. Check me out.

Me as Cleopatra at the Dead Celebrities Party.

14. I hate it when there are so many dishes piled and waiting to go into the dishwasher that the dishwasher needs to be run again as soon as it's reloaded. Unfortunately, I tend to procrastinate unloading the clean dishwasher so this scenario happens at my house almost daily. This is still going on. I will never learn.

15. Having kids has gone along way towards helping me get over myself. Sort of. Depends on the day really.

16. I have run one 1/2 marathon and walked one 1/2 marathon. I felt very accomplished after both of those, but have no desire to run or walk a full marathon. Still no desire. Marathoners are crazy, no offense.

17. I LOVE TV! What is not to love? TV is awesome. The DVR, On Demand and Streaming are all right up there with sliced bread. 

18. I think the iPhone and TIVO are both indescribably fabulous and I can't see giving either of them up. However, if forced to choose only one of them, I would keep the TIVO. I was so young and naive. iPhone wins this hands down. 

19. About 18 months ago, I discovered how much I like weight and resistance training. I used to only be about cardio. The pendulum has swung back to cardio. When one teaches 3-4 indoor cycling classes a week, one doesn't want to so much hang out and do weights. One really has to get back into that. Maybe this fall with both kids in school 5 days a week...

20. I am not a "dog person", but I love our new family dog. Still love the dog, but I don't see her that much as we now share custody with my parents. My siblings say my parents are dognappers, but Scott and I are really okay with the dog hanging out there as much as she does. They take her to the vet and the dog spa and never send us a bill. Win-win!

21. I am a "cat person", but 1 of our cats is just plain mean and I wouldn't be sad if she went and found a new family.  The cats have gone from being indoor/outdoor to just outdoor as they keep pissing on items in the kids' rooms. Items such as back rests, papasan chair cushions and pillows that can never be rid of cat piss smell and must be thrown away. We still feed them and pet them if we are outside and they saunter up, but they are all done coming indoors. It's for their own safety. 

22. My kids are my greatest joy and my greatest frustration. Yep.

23. Almost every time we go on vacation, especially a tropical one, I am ready to move our family to that spot. Maybe one day we'll do it. I almost did not come back from St. Thomas in April. I was totally for Scott going home to tie up lose ends and pick up the children while I looked for a place to live and an awesome job as a jet ski tour guide. Couldn't quite convince him. I will not stop trying!

24. I am a good baker, but only an adequate chef. My Rum Cake has a bit of a following. It is that good. 

25. I got a tattoo 17 years ago and have never regretted it. No regrets. Still considering refreshing the color, although my cousin says the faded color gives me street creed. Word.

Peace & Love :-)

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