Saturday, July 2, 2011


Saturday Morning. Still working on my coffee. Typing away on the computer while the rest of the family stares at yard shows. 

Scott: What are you doing over there? Facebook? Blogging? Shopping? What are we going to do today?

Me: Pick up the house and swim. 

Scott: I didn't significantly contribute to the mess.

Me: Those are your shoes over there (in the dining room).

Scott: I said significantly.

Me: Didn't you say you were going to mow the lawn first thing?

Scott: Sometime this weekend. Not first thing Saturday morning. 

Scott then discuss with 5 y/o what they could buy at the hardware store including outdoor furniture and a BBQ.

Scott: I'm trying to just deal with the BBQ I have.

Me: (singing) Love the one your with, love the one your with, love the one your with...

Scott: Are you talking about me or the BBQ?

Peace & Love :-)

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