Sunday, July 24, 2011


This morning Scott and I were out on the deck sipping coffee and discussing the replacement of said deck and the lame way in which it was constructed.

Scott: "I for sure won't do this cracker ass thing where they lined up all the boards and didn't stagger the joints." (pointing and gesturing)

Me: "I was going to call my post about the TV, My Cracker is Showing, but I didn't want to be offensive."

Scott: (hysterical laughing- nearly choking on coffee)


Scott: "You didn't want to be offensive on your blog? Your blog is totally offensive." (still snickering)

Me: "I thought cracker was just like saying white trash, but I looked it up on and it refers to a slave owner cracking their whip. I didn't want anyone to think I was comparing myself to a slave owner."

Scott: "I thought it was cuz saltine crackers are white."

Me: "Me too! That is apparently one origin, but not the only one. I'm not offended if you say it, but just so you know there are other interpretations."

Scott: "This is going on the blog isn't it?"

Me: "You bet your cracker ass it is... it's educational."

Peace & Love :-)

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