Sunday, July 3, 2011

Not Enough AND Too Much of a Good Thing

I received a very exciting package in the mail. A new swimsuit! These days I strictly wear swimsuits with tops that promise a miracle. I have several suits in a couple of different miracle styles and they really do deliver on their promise. The one I just got claimed to be even more miraculous than it's predecessors. And it is, kinda. But, there is definitely a problem. It is either too much of a good thing or I don't have enough of a good thing to put in it- which really is already established by the need for said miracle. This thing has a ton of padding which should be good, but no amount of tightening or rearranging of it or myself will make it work for me. It's going to have to go back which is too bad because the bottoms are totally cute as is the top if it didn't cause shadow chest. Confused? I think visual aids will help.

If I adjust it just so and stand perfectly still, it looks fine straight on...

...from the side however you can see the gap. The edge of the material and my skin are not actually in contact. There should not be a shadow!

Another Shadow View. Sad.
It's kinda like armor & it defies gravity.

Check out the shadows! While the padding is substantial you still have to have enough boobage to squish into the upper half. A tall order I say.

Yeah, I just posted pictures of my boobs on the internet. I will never get that first job out of college now, although I'm pretty sure I can still run for office. Calm yourselves people. I'm wearing a swimsuit top ill fitting though it may be. It's like I had you over to my pool to swim. As you can see, wearing this top would not prudent- not gonna do it. Tragic on so many levels :-(.

Both my 10 y/o daughter and Scott confirmed for me that I can't pull off this swimsuit. My daughter said, "I like the bottoms." and Scott said, "It looks weird." Enough said!

Peace & Love :-)

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  1. First time to the blog. I'll return. You're funny. The trick is being yourself even as people begin to read it. You'll have a tendency to play to the crowd. Don't.

    P.S. From what I can tell, "Scott" is a lucky man.


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