Friday, July 1, 2011


I recently became facebook friends with my high school boyfriend GI Joe. He sent the request. I stared at it a bit, decided I was mature enough to handle it (close call on the maturity thing btw) and then called Scott. If Scott had expressed an issue, then I would have bagged the whole thing. Scott did not care, but he did have this suggestion, "You should accept the request, not say hi on his wall or send a message and then in a few weeks defriend him so his kids can laugh at him." See, Scott's high school girlfriend did this to him awhile back and my daughter and I continue to laugh about it. It's hilarious and it never gets old!

So, I accepted GI Joe's request and with curiosity awaited the first point of contact. I think no matter who you are if you send a friend request and the requestee accepts, then it is your responsibility as the requestor to say something. Does not have to be a detailed account of the past how ever many years, but you should say something. For example you could just post "hey" on their wall. Kinda lame, but it's something. If you are guilty of not saying "hey" to the friends you initiated contact with on the fb, SHAME ON YOU! This is bad behavior!

When GI Joe failed to say "hey" within 24 hours, I sent him a message. Still nothing. Well nothing in what I considered an appropriate turn around time. This sent me into total high school mode. Which in my head went something like:

Should I send a second message? 
Should it be a mean one? 
Why would I be mean (other than I was a pretty big bitch in HS and remember I was feeling very HS)? 
This is stupid! 

I then fired off a message to my college roommate, Valley Girl, recapping these events. Valley Girl said, "I wouldn't read too much into his lack of a proper message. Might be a guy thing. Also, he might be so intimidated by your awesome fitness instructor body that he is paralyzed and can't muster the confidence to talk to you." She totally had a point! Why didn't I think of that?!?

Eventually, to be fair it was only a few days, GI Joe responded and we have since had several pleasant exchanges. For those inquiring minds that want to know, he seems to be doing well and has a lovely wife and beautiful children. You can find him on facebook.

Peace & Love :-)

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  1. when you didn't get a response did you think maybe not everyone checks their facebook every few minutes? that maybe he actually has a life? yah, me neither...


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