Thursday, August 25, 2011

Smarty Dotty Pants

I was thrilled to find out yesterday that as a hard core Scrabble player, I'm smarter than everyone else (read all about it here). This is really awesome news, because although I've long considered myself to be a pretty smart cookie, lately I feel like I might be sliding over to the dotty side. I either have too much on my plate, am in the beginning stages of Alzheimer's or possibly (but unlikely) I never really had my shit together. 

A few months ago I booked a vacation for the wrong week. Right month, right year, but wrong week. I remember staring at the computer screen checking the dates before I confidently submitted/purchased/ordered the vacation package. And then I didn't realize for about 3 months that I had made a mistake. Thankfully Scott and I wanted to check something so we logged in to look at our plans and saw the wrong date. Scott laughed at me which is preferable to yelling, but not helpful. Really nothing could have helped me feel like less of a lame ass at that moment. We looked into changing it to the dates we originally wanted, but it's too much of a pain in the ass and a $ issue so we are just going the week I booked. Looks as though it might turn out better in some ways. At least we figured it out before we tried to go on the vacation 3 WEEKS after our actual booking. That would have really really really sucked ass. Scott says he's in charge of booking vacations from now on though. 

Last week Scott walked in the house after getting home in the evening and asked how long both the garage doors had been wide open? Umm....huh? Then I realized I had been driving car #2. I usually drive car #1. I think what I did was instead of closing the side that car #2 lives on I pushed the other button and opened the door for car #1 assuming I was closing that side and walked in the house without looking back. The answer to Scott's question was 2ish hours. Not really a big deal, but lame ass just the same. 

A month or so ago I took one of the kids to meet up with my mom an hour and a half away and Scott and the other kid were at home. They were going to go shopping or something, but Scott couldn't find his keys so he called me to see if I had any idea where they were. I was able to locate them- in the ignition of the car I was driving- and also my set - in my purse in the car with me. I was an hour away from home at that point. Shit! Lame ass! I did remember there was a 3rd key to the car at home which resulted in a fun phone game of find the key that went something like:

Me: "It's with the other extra keys in an open tupperware container. Try the kitchen drawer under the microwave."

Scott: "Not there."

Me: "Look in the big basket on the shelf in the office."

Scott: "Not there."

Me: "Try the top drawer of that bookshelf thingy."

Scott: "Nope."

Me: "Try the second drawer."

Scott: "Nope."

Me: "Try the rest of the drawers."

Scott: "I found the thing of keys. Why do we have so many keys? Do they all go to something?"

Me: "Just look for the one that looks the same as your other car key."

Scott: "Found it. I think."

Me: "Awesome. Happy shopping. See you later."

These larger lapses are on top of things like forgetting why I walked into a room and starting a task in one room then going to another room for something having to do with said task only to then get involved in something in the new room, finding the original task partly done hours later having totally forgotten about it, which maybe just indicates that I'm easily distractible, but I didn't used to be. And my favorite, finding my morning coffee in the microwave in the afternoon. If only I could remember to finish my coffee, then I might get my togetherness back. At least I have Scrabble...

peace & love :-)

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