Monday, August 15, 2011


I did a lot of relearning this afternoon. My 5th grader had prime number homework. I was able to recall from the recesses of my mind what those are so I proved to be rather helpful. I did not even have to google it. Also, she is studying for a states test as in name all 50 states on an unmarked map. I couldn't quite do this cold, but after only a few online map games I was all over it. Then my Kindergartener says "We did that pledge thing again today, but I don't know it." So me and the 5th grader start reciting it, but got stuck the first few times at the "and to the republic" part. We agreed it's much easier to say in a group.

So when after dinner/wine, the following conversation took place I was tapped out and not at the top of my game.

10 y/o to 5 y/o: "Gravity is why we stay on the ground. Like when you jump up you come back down. There's not as much gravity on the moon."

5 y/o to me: "Is there gravity on the moon?"

Me: "Um, there's less gravity on the moon or maybe no gravity. Hey Scott, is the moon zero gravity?"

Scott: Rounding the corner and laughing, "Did you fail science?"

Me: "Don't the astronauts wear weights in their spacesuits on the moon?"

Scott: "Yes, cause there's less gravity than on the earth. Do you know what would happen to someone trying to walk in zero gravity?" walking away, shaking head and still laughing.

Me: "Yeah, I know."

Awesome comeback, right? So, I'm not entirely sure, but I think the answer is you would just float off into oblivion in zero gravity if not tethered to something. Apparently I should google that.

Peace & Love :-)

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