Friday, August 5, 2011

Shower Thoughts... Off The Grid

This morning in the shower I started congratulating myself on how well I've been surviving off the grid this week. Then I remembered that being off the grid is really about being self sustaining and not just about going without wifi. It seems some folks use the term to mean they are without cell phone signal, 3G and wifi when on vacation. Well my iPhone works at the cabin and I can indeed make calls, text, play Scrabble, facebook and apparently even blog, although typing this on the iPhone keypad is a pain in the ass! (Don't tell anyone though as I've led a few people to believe that I am actually unreachable this week.) So, off the grid is perhaps a slight overstatement.

While I have taken lots of scrabble turns and looked at most of my emails, I have gone hours at a time without even picking up the iPhone and I've done a really good job of ignoring the unfullfillable pleas of the lap top and the iPad which is 3G ready, but not activated. So off the grid or on I'm still proud. I'm embracing vacation. I'm playing board games, having dance parties, playing in the lake and drinking my fair share of the wine on the deck and enjoying the view. I haven't even checked any of my news apps. I figure if something really important happens like a celebrity dies, somebody will post it on facebook.

Peace & Love :-)

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  1. Funny you should mention that...JFK Jr. died while I was at the cabin.


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