Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Preaching To The Choir / Tips For Drinking Wine & Coffee On The Go

A lovely post entitled The Uppers & Downers of Parenting (Or, Coffee & Wine) by Amber Dusick was brought to my attention yesterday by several sources. It's quite funny as it's so true and I found myself nodding and saying 'yep' in between chuckles. I was reminded of the post this morning while admiring the Keurig Coffee Maker the kids and I got Scott for his birthday. Here it is with the kick ass wine opener I recently got for my birthday. Who knew kitchen appliances could look so sleek and sexy? Can you hear them saying 'come hither'? I can.

Coffee and wine are staples for Scott and I. If we are going on a trip, the availability of good coffee and wine at our destination is of much discussion (good wine being defined by: do we like it? we don't know jack about the actual quality of wine, we are actually pickier about the coffee than the wine). If we don't think the quality and quantity will be adequate upon arrival, then we bring it with us. We have been known to grind and bag coffee to bring to people's houses (not if we are going for dinner, but when we are staying overnight and have any reason to believe that it's even slightly possibility the coffee situation will be less than optimal). Better safe than sorry. 

While the pre-measured and ground baggies of coffee have the potential to offend, I care not. On the other hand, showing up to someone's house with wine is perfectly acceptable and appreciated so no problem there. I suppose some people might be offended like Mormons or alcoholics, but it's not like I would expect them to drink any with me.

When checking into a hotel, it is imperative to familiarize oneself with the location of the nearest Starbucks. I will drink what is in the hotel room usually putting both the packet of regular and of decaf in the mini coffee maker at the same time in an effort to make the coffee bold enough to drink, but that's only useful as a stop gap measure until real coffee can be acquired. Usually it's good to bring your own bottle of wine to the hotel especially if you'll be staying on the property or are in a walking/taxi type city. Don't forget your opener.

When going on a cruise, check the cruise line's official alcohol policy and then check cruise message boards to see how much and of what type of alcohol people are actually bringing on board with them. Bringing bottles of wine and/or vodka in your camelback (looks like water) go a long way towards taking the sting out of your bar bill at the end of the voyage. Again, don't forget your opener. The coffee situation on a cruise ship can be worrisome. It seems that most ships now have a fancy pay extra for coffee shop area. On our last cruise we bought the coffee package and had punch cards. Well worth it.

When going to your in-laws for a week where you MIL drinks decaf and your FIL doesn't drink coffee, BRING the baggies of coffee. Also, prior to departure determine the location of the nearest Trader Joe's to your in-laws home for wine purchases. If the nearest TJ's is not so near, it's best to stock up and bring it with you. You don't want to be rude and drain their supply.

If you are arriving at a lake cabin shared by a wide array of family members, do not assume that the coffee grinder you clearly remember leaving on the counter the summer before will still be there. Waking up to find that you have a coffee maker and coffee beans, but no grinder and you are 30+ minutes away from a Starbucks or a retail establishment that might have a grinder they are willing to sell you is a real pisser. Trust me on this.

When choosing a hotel to book for a week for your child's sporting event across the country that you must fly to and where you may or may not have a rental car and access to purchasing wine and an opener for your room, do be swayed by the afternoon snack & drink spread (including wine) in the lobby of only one of the possible hotels and book there. This may allow you to cling to your sanity. 

You're welcome.

Peace & Love ;-)


  1. I bring my own coffee everywhere, always. I also yelp things like "blue bottle" in random towns like Ashland OR to find out where the actual good coffee is. Adam once drove to a warehouse on the wrong side of the tracks in one of these random towns to make sure his wife didn't have to drink Starbucks. I had my brand of coffee brought in after both kids were born. I hear you.

  2. Wow. You are even more of a coffee snob than me. While I agree there is better coffee to be had than Starbucks, it is head and shoulders above much of the other choices and I am always happy to see one when away from home. Starbucks and Target make me feel at home in a strange city.

  3. I do agree with you on Target+Starbucks. Best combo ever. I just get a latte.


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