Monday, January 9, 2012


While I was with the girl at her activity yesterday afternoon, Scott and the boy ran a couple errands including going to the market. 

Greatly appreciated. 

BUT, when I got home and walked into the pantry, I saw... brace yourself... BOXES ON THE SHELVES. Multiple boxes of cereal and granola bar boxes. WTF dude?!? 

Boxes of food in the pantry is normal you say? Not in my pantry. Not anymore. Not since the the Great Pantry Moth Invasion and War of 2011 which you can read about here. I have officially declared Victory in the war, but I will remain forever vigilant. I will not go back to non-sealable containers, bag clips or boxes sitting on the shelves. Boxes may seem innocent, but they are in fact very good hiding places for pupae containing cocoons. Not gonna do it. Would not be prudent. Everything goes into clear sealable containers or thick Ziploc bags. EVERYTHING!

So upon spying the boxes I say very lightheartedly: "You guys broke the pantry rule. There are boxes on the shelves." 

The boy then says: "We know, but we didn't know how you'd want it done so we left the boxes for you."

Six! The boy is six. Oy!

What I then did was repackage the food appropriately without comment, but what was going on in my head was a full on Mommie Dearest style rant.


Peace & Love ;-)

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