Friday, January 6, 2012

Conversations with Myself...Meh

Me: You haven't posted anything on your blog in a while.

Myself: Meh...

Me: Are you too busy?

Myself: Always busy, but that ain't it.

Me: Don't you have anything interesting or amusing to say? Some smart-ass thought that you can spin into a few paragraphs?

Myself: Meh...

Me: Don't you have any backasswards New Year's Resolutions to share?

Myself: If I read one more fucking blog post about New Year's Resolutions I'm going to stab a fork in my eye.

Me: Okay, not that then. Something about Wine?

Myself: I heart wine.

Me: Perhaps expand on that.

Myself: I REALLY heart wine and my new wine opener, wine glasses and awesome Wine Fairy painting that Sharpie Fine Girl painted just for me. Also, I need to get myself a vacuum wine sealer thingy cuz no one got me that. That is all. 

Me: A little rough, but you might could do something with that.

Myself: Meh...

Me: What about your new magnifying mirror and the hairy lip cream/waxing journey?

Myself: I have been toying with that one.

Me: I think you might have something there. Maybe go with that.

Myself: I did consider filming my home waxing for a video blog, but didn't. 

Me: What about that Pantry Moth War Victory post that you started?

Myself: Yeah, I should get back to that.

Me: Sounds like you've got some possibilities. I say pour yourself a glass of wine, stand in the moth free pantry for a bit and then go stare at your magnified and lit up face and see what kind of brilliance strikes.

Myself: Meh... I guess a glass of wine couldn't hurt. 

Peace & Love :-)


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  2. Wow, your self conversations are WAY better than mine. I have never once offered myself a glass of wine.

    I'm so jealous.

  3. Jo- You really should be nicer to yourself! Offer yourself some wine or a cookie or something. You will thank you :-)


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