Monday, February 20, 2012

I'm Not Worthy

I must be doing something okay, because the accolades are rolling in. My fellow blogger Jo at the Bright Yellow Balloon Shenked me the other day. Thank you Jo?  

The Shenking, which I'll explain in a minute, reminded me that back in November Dani at Facebooking From The Edge bestowed on me the honor of Versatile Blogger. 

I thanked her, but never passed on the honor as was explicitly stated in the rules of said award. How rude. I have some excuses.

1. The end of October through mid January is really busy with birthdays and holidays. I'm lame.

2. I turned 40 in December and my short term ain't what it used to be. True story.

3. Scott, the girl and I all had the stomach flu last week. Was. Not. Pretty.

4. I'm actually not very good at this whole blogger networking thing. I get really excited when someone comments on my blog and I will leave comments on other blogs when the mood strikes, but regular commenting both because it's a nice thing to do in the blogging community and because it might interest someone in checking out my blog is not my strength. Plus, I feel pressure to make my comment funny. I don't always having something funny to say. Shhh. Don't tell Scott. (I realize leaving a comment and passing on an award aren't the same thing, in my mind there's a connection)

5. I have an inferiority complex. Many of the blogs I enjoy and would give an award to (aka recommend) are way famouser bloggers than me and they would probably never know about the award. Not that they would be rude about it. I just don't think my blog is on their radar. I could be wrong. Maybe The Bloggess is a regular lurker here.

So, back to the shenking. It's also a chain letter blogger to blogger recognition thing. It involves answering questions, giving random information about yourself (synonymous with blogging, no?), tagging, and creating questions or something like that. For Jo's clear as mud explanation check here.

Since I'm so late in responding to Dani's award and since Jo says I can play along or not and because I'm a rebel without a clue, I'm going pick some of Jo's things to do and combine The Versatile Blogger awards with the tagging list. Confused? Me too.

Things About Me (If you would like to know 25 more random things about me than you already do check here. It's an old post, but the stuff is still true.)

Jo's questions (I'm answering 3 of the 11. I'm a rebel remember.)

4. If your best friend's spouse ever made a pass at you, would you tell your best friend? Hell to the yeah!

6.  What destination would be your ideal vacation? Caribbean. Caribbean. Caribbean. Although, I'm willing to give the South Pacific or Seychelles a try.

7.  If you could change one thing about yourself (no effort involved), what would it be? Boobs. I need perkier, bigger boobs.

Blogs I Read (If you are on this list feel free to consider yourself Shenked and/or awarded the honor of Versatile Blogger. Also feel free to completely ignore this.)

Facebooking From The Edge 

The Bright Yellow Balloon 

Lola is 40  

A Day in the Life 

Absoulutely Narcissism 

Poppy Haus 

Eating Over the Sink

The Bloggess

peace & love ;-) 

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  1. You are TOO worthy. And the fact that you're a rebel? BONUS!

    Plus, you know if the Bloggess ISN'T lurking here? Her loss.


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