Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Open Door Policy Reconsidered

Yesterday in the car with both kids.

The Girl (age 11): "I walked in on The Boy in the bathroom sitting on the toilet the other day. Gross."

The Boy (age 6): "You shouldn't come in there when I'm going potty!"

The Girl: "The light was off and the door was open! How was I supposed to know you were in there? When I use the bathroom the light is on, the fan is on, the door is closed and the door is locked."

Me: "How come you guys walk in and talk to me when I'm going potty?"

The Girl & The Boy in unison: "You always leave the door open!"

Me: "Even if I close the door you still think you can waltz in and talk to me."

The Girl: "It doesn't count if you close your main bathroom door, but not the one to the little toilet room. I think you are just doing your hair or something in the big part of the bathroom so I open the door."

The Boy: "Sometimes I come looking for you and I see you on the potty going pee or poop with the door open."

Me: "Okay, I don't always close the door when I pee, but I definitely close it when I poop. You guys never walk in on Dad going potty."

The Girl: "He closes the door!"

The Boy: "He would be mad."

Me: "I'm going to start closing the door and locking it. Every. Time."

Several Hours later just the Girl and I are home. I go to pee and nudge the door closed, but don't actually push it closed to latch or lock it resulting in it being slightly open.

The Girl (from around the corner and 2 rooms away): "See, you don't close the door."


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