Friday, March 30, 2012

Lil Tirade Gets A Facebook Page

After a solid 5 minutes of consideration, I've decided lil tirade should have her own my own her own Facebook page. Even though I remain anonymous on this blog, I have been sharing my blog posts on my personal Facebook page. If you already know me from Facebook, then you've cracked the code of who lil tirade is, because I've told you it's me.  

However, now that I've set up a lil tirade page, I think I'll stop sharing the links as me. Just as lil tirade. So, if Facebook is how you know when I've written a new post then I suggest "liking" lil's page. In my imagination this will accomplish the following:

  • my fb friends will no longer be subjected to my blog posts should they not want to be.
  • my many, many, many readers that are not my personal friends can now follow lil on fb.
  • I can put a "follow me on fb" button thingy on the blog.
  • I can spend more time on fb.
  • I can be even more obnoxious as lil as I'm separating my stuff and her stuff, although that probably wouldn't stand up in court.

I hope if you like the blog, you'll like lil's page on fb. Even if you don't like the blog that much (which is confusing since you are reading it right now), maybe you could like lil's page and then hide it, cuz it would be awesome to have lots of likes.

peace & love ;-)

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  1. Hey! I did it! And nothing happened....

    Now you must POST....


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