Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's the most wonderful time of the year?

18 days until Christmas. 

It's crunch time people. 

The convergence of holidays and birthdays makes the end of October through mid January the busiest chunk of the year at my house, but like lots of folks Thanksgiving thru Xmas is a marathon that feels like a sprint. We have the usual stuff plus my birthday (7 more days in my 30s) and the boy's birthday plus 3 extended family birthdays.

I've started shopping, we have the tree and the tree is decorated as is the interior of the house.

So all I have left to do in the next 17 days is: 

Finish shopping, start wrapping, finish wrapping, deliver gift tree gifts, get pap smear and mammogram, bake cupcakes for the boy's birthday at school, hang the outside lights, get the girl to volleyball, attend school holiday dine out, get the girl to baton, get the girl to a lacrosse clinic, bake a rum cake, go to holiday party, get the boy to basketball, drive around pointing and ohhing at other people's lights, find someone to switch classroom workdays for the boy's classroom so I can go on the girl's field trip, go on field trip, attend the girl's band concert, get hair cut and colored, have birthday dinner with friends, celebrate festivus (When is festivus again? I don't want to miss the airing of grievances. I wonder where I put that pole?), attend neighborhood Santa Parade, help the girl finish her sewing projects for her friend gift exchange, send books with the kids for their holiday book exchanges, turn 40, go to the City for my birthday, shop with Mom & sister & the girl for said birthday, have birthday dinner with Dad, more baton, more basketball, celebrate the boy's birthday, go to cookie party, bake more cupcakes for the boy's birthday party, have seven 5/6 y/o boys over for the boy's pirate birthday party, bake 2 more rum cakes, pack car, go to parents house on Xmas eve, and stay up after kids to fill stockings and put out Santa gifts. 

All that while still doing the 2 part time jobs, the laundry, the cleaning, the lunch making and on and on.

Your list is probably similar.

We're nuts, right?

Every fucking year I am in this predicament. A bunch of wonderful individual events slammed together in a few short weeks.

But, what's a super mom to do? Cancel Xmas? Hell no! This super mom is going to bitch a bit on her blog, pour some wine and soldier on. I'm the mom and that's my job. 

A few years ago we went to the Caribbean for Xmas which was fanfuckingtastic and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Seriously. Are you reading this Scott? Make the reservations! But, it didn't get me out of getting a tree, decorating the house and shopping for Xmas gifts that could be easily schlepped in a suitcase. We didn't leave until the 21st so perhaps that was the flaw in the plan. Maybe if we leave earlier we could skip the normal holiday trappings. So, the day after Thanksgiving thru New Years next year in the Caribbean it is! Solid plan! I'm all in. Scott? 

Happy Fucking Holidays! xoxo

peace & love :-)!

p.s. As I was editing this:

Scott: I have to figure out if I'm getting gifts for anyone in the office.

Me: Don't add it to my list!

Scott: Okay.

Me: Go ahead and do it if you want, but leave me the fuck out of it. Remember last year, when I made all those mini rum cakes at the last minute after running all over town searching for the pans? That nearly drove me over the edge!

Scott: But now we have the pans (giant idiot grin).



  1. Holy CRAP! That is one helluva list!

    (Hide those pans)

  2. Sadly, I've already remembered at least 10 things that I forgot to put on the list. More to come I'm sure. Bah!

    In the category of good news though my husband:

    1. read my blog (which he doesn't always do)

    2. called me in the middle of the day to tell me it was funny (never happens, I had to sit down and look around to make sure I wasn't being punked)

    3. Was a bit in awe of the list. (I don't think he's ever stopped to think about what it takes to pull off Christmas)

  3. Well at least there was a blessing in there. And MORE to the list? I am in awe of you.

  4. I'm right there with you, sis. And leaving earlier only makes the list have to get finished faster. Happy Birthmas and Merry what-ever-it is! I am pouring the wine right now. Cheryl

  5. Yikes! I'm exhausted from reading your list. I need wine.


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