Monday, October 17, 2011


When I haven't posted in a few days or a week or 8 days (but who's counting?) I feel like a slacker. The lack of posting might be because I'm busy or tired or nothing blog worthy is swirling in my head. I find I don't have much success staring at the blank screen and waiting for inspiration to strike. I do better when I let an idea start brewing in my head as I go about my life and wait till I have a beginning or at least some points I want to work in.

Despite that I already know staring at the blank screen is a waste of my time, I was thinking the other day that perhaps I should be more disciplined. Maybe I should set a writing schedule? Maybe I should set a word minimum per day whether or not I post it? Then I remembered I'm not actually a professional writer and a schedule would be stupid. I'm not working on a book. I've never been a journalist. I have produced some extremely well written reports, letters and emails in my time though. Also texts, I have written some really good texts. 

I would gladly babble on a deadline for pay so if anyone from the or or reads this and wants to talk just leave a comment and I'll get back to you. I'm not even sure if those websites have to pay for content or if bloggers desperate to get their stuff read gladly provide it for free. Admittedly I would probably do the same for the fame and the glory. 

I would also be available for TV writing. I suspect it helps if you know someone and there's probably a bit of due paying to be done, but it would be pretty fucking awesome to be a writer on Modern Family (hi Steven Levitan and Christopher Lloyd - one never knows who has a google alert on their name) or on 30 Rock (hi Tina Fey) or even a lesser funny show. Some shows seem like they really could use my help. Psst... Suburgatory (hi Emily Kapnek) I'm talking to you. So many cool actors from some of my favorite HBO and Showtime shows and so much potential for hilarity, but you are falling short. I keep watching and waiting for you to find your groove, but I can't take much more. I did like that you had Billy from Six Feet Under in mom jeans in that one episode and also having Cheryl from Curb Your Enthusiasm in partial dreads while playing tennis without any set up or explanation was kind of fun and quirky, although an actual funny thing tied to it might have made it better. (It's possible I feel asleep for a minute and there was a dread lock explanation/set up, but I actually think there wasn't.)

If I got discovered and offered a real writing gig (not going to happen), I might have to give my real name. I don't do that here because of my children's stalker. True and totally fucked up story. I have never blogged about it, because I just don't think I could make it funny. Honestly, I've never even given it a go, because if I go down that road I get nauseous. Obviously, most of you know who I am as I shameless link all my posts on Facebook, but I do try to keep myself and the kids as ungooglable as possible. See, this is why I don't bring it up. Total mood killer.

I just remembered that I do write a blog for Scott's company. I do this pro bono AKA for free, but I do have the title of Social Media Director and my company emails are automatically signed that way so that's something. The "job" is low key and rarely is there a writing deadline. I did get a really nice spa gift certificate from the owner of the company and that's paymentish so I guess I am a professional writer after all. Still not setting a schedule. By the by, when I explained to my 10 year old daughter what working pro bono meant she deadpanned "Are you sure you're not an intern?" Touche.

Peace & Love :-)


  1. I'm a little jealous of your blog cred, ie: writing a blog for Scott's company. I have no blog cred. None. Zip. Zero. Goose egg. I would gladly take a spa certificate as paymentish. Also? Suburgatory: In total agreement. Thought the first episode was fab and I keep waiting for it to happen again.

    Modern Family is freaking genius... Cam and Mitchell rock their lines like they're paid to, which, actually, they are. But I still think they are brilliant.

    I don't remember where I was going with this...

    Either way, I think you should blog whether you think you have something to say or not. I love reading your posts and I get a little frantic when you're missing for a while.

    Have I mentioned that I'm a tad needy?


  2. Thanks Killer Cupcake! I get a little winky when my favorite bloggers, including you, haven't posted in a time frame according to my liking. It's so fab that someone feels that way about my blog. I'm lucky to have such a nice, supportive, hilarious blogger friend. I wish you still lived in the Cali aka the bestest state in the union (well it might be a tie between CA & HI) so we could hang out. But, what if even though we are awesome blog friends, we didn't click in person? That would be awkward. Unlikely, but possibly awkward...

  3. I'm never awkward. True story, You can ask my cousin. The awkward gene totally skipped a generation and landed somewhere else, because my kids are missing it, as well.

    It's a blessing and a curse.


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