Saturday, September 3, 2011

History Repeating Itself

This is my current fb status: 

"Finding all this snot, sore throat, stuffy head and achiness to be rather suckish."

According to fb's weird feature that rehashes old history, my fb status one year ago today was:

"sniff, sniff, achoo, ache, moan..."

REALLY? I was sick last year on labor day weekend too? I wonder if I was sick the year before. Fb hasn't told me what my status was on September 3rd, 2009 so I have no way of knowing. Maybe this pattern has been going on for years and I've never clued in? I don't have a specific way of remembering if I was well on previous labor days. It's not near my birthday or anniversary and my kids start school a couple weeks before labor day so I can't feel pissed that I am always sick right before school starts or what have you. As a kid, I started school the Tuesday after labor day and I don't remember always being sick the first day of school so it's probably not actually a life long pattern. 

It is weird in a very stupid irritating sort of way. Probably this is just a coincidence, but it may be wise to steer clear of me around this time next year.

Peace & Love :-) 

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  1. De ja Facebook... My status a year ago today was "I'm already freaking sick of football." No big shock there... I'm freaking sick of football pretty much 365. Ah well.


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