Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This morning. 7am. Phone conversation with my husband on his way to work.

Me: Have you read my blog yet?

Scott: Yes.

Me: Did you like it?

Scott: Yeah...it's just you rambling. 

Me: Thanks for your support.

Scott: It's amusing.

Me: Remember when we were talking about how to give compliments? Here's an example: Your blog is funny, I'm glad you've found a creative outlet and you are having fun with it. That's neat.

Scott: What you said. That sounds good.

Me: Start thinking about what name I should use for you on the blog, because you will be mentioned and I'm not using real names. You could be Mr. Tirade.

Scott: Nice.

Me: Or I could call you Scott. Then I could explain why I chose to call you Scott, cuz that's kinda funny.

Scott: Fine. I'm glad you have a creative outlet. Your blog is funny. I'm hanging up now. 

My in-laws picked the wrong name for my husband. Not that there's anything wrong with his name. It's a good name. I like his name. He likes his name. It doesn't rhyme with Scott, start with an 'S' or sound similar to Scott, but that does not stop people from calling him Scott. If someone is going to get my husband's name wrong, they will call him Scott. It has happened time and time again over the years. I've heard people do it. It's not just new acquaintances either. I've heard people that have known him for years do it. Sometimes people realize they have erred, other times not, but it always makes my husband and I crack up. So here on this blog he will be Scott. 

For those that you who know him: Does he look like a Scott to you? Periodically I call him Scott just to mess with him, but I don't really see it.

Peace & Love :-) 

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