Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Conversations with Scott: "You're Screwed"

Last night after dinner I asked my kids if I could have a piece of their Halloween haul. I only asked because they were home and could see me. I had been pilfering their candy all day while they were at school. After I was unsuccessful in totally avoiding the candy, I gave in to it completely as goes my relationship with sweets. All or nothing baby.

The kids left the room and Scott and I were rooting through their buckets to see what pieces we wanted:

Me: (whispering) "You won't find any peanut butter cups cuz I already inhaled those". 

Scott: hysterical laughing

Me: "What?"

Scott: "You can be so disciplined. You just had your chicken burger without bread at dinner, but put you within a 1/4 mile of a candy bar and you're screwed!"

Me: "Tru dat."

The man speaks the truth. Hello, my name is Lil Tirade, and I'm addicted to sugar. I do not have a true grasp on the terms "just one cookie", "a small slice of cake", "a piece of candy" or "I'll just have a couple bites of yours." I can utter the words and know when it's appropriate to say them, but they don't actually make sense to me. No bites is way easier than one bite. 

Yesterday was a sugar day. Today, so far, is not. One day at a time.

Peace & Love :-)

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