Sunday, June 10, 2012

It's Frickin On Like Donkey Kong!

Or in this case Scramble. Scramble is my newest app obsession. It's like Bogle with 3 timed rounds per game. It's super fun and addicting to a word game lover like myself, but it is PISSING ME OFF. 

The game isn't pissing me off so much as my friend, Blondie, is pissing me off. She keeps kicking my ass. It is so rude! I have beaten her in a couple, only a couple, of rounds and come sort of close in one game, but I keep losing. BAH!

Blondie is one of my favorite Scrabble opponents. Sometimes I kick her ass. Sometimes she kicks my ass. She doesn't dally too long between turns. We sometimes exchange witty banter while playing. It's a terrific match. Except for when her app was being an asshole and she deleted it for months and forced me to play Words With Friends with her which is okay, but not as good as Scrabble. I'm totally over that though. She saw the light and returned to Scrabble. We are a good match.

I am consumed with beating her in Scramble. I've even started spending an extra coin to gain an extra cheat during the game. You have to use a coin to play a round, which is stupid but it is meant to drive you to upgrading from the free version so you can earn coins faster and then buy more coins in app, because you are totally crazed and obsessed and need to play more rounds right now. You get a new coin every 20 minutes or something like that. I haven't given in to the upgrade or more coin purchases yet, so take that Scramble. You get a free cheat at the beginning of each round with an option to buy a second cheat for a coin. 

It's a bit confusing if you aren't playing it, but the point is when I first started I was like "yeah, I'll pick a free cheat, why not? but no need to buy a second, that's overkill" and now I'm spending way too much time strategizing about which 2 cheats make the best combination. I can't disclose my strategy here though. I don't want Blondie to know my tricks. My tricks that fail to beat her. Bah!

There is another opponent I have not yet beaten. I'm pretty sure I know who it is, but I'm not 100%. I think it's one of my other smarty pants friends that I gave my user name to, but I'm not familiar with her user name, so I could just be getting my ass handed to me by some random. Friend or foe, I'm making it my mission to kick her ass too.

I would like to state here that I have beaten at least 4 other opponents in a big ass kicking kind of way. Just sayin.

If you want to play, my user name is.... liltirade. Apparently I need all the practice I can get.

Peace & Love ;-)

p.s. When I first started playing I had tunnel vision on the board and didn't notice the prominently displayed pause button at the upper right of the screen and would totally yell at my kids if they dared to talk to me during a round. After all, I did announce loudly not to talk to Mommy for the next 2 minutes because "I'm trying to beat Blondie!" Blondie told me about the pause button and the next time the girl walked by and looked at the screen while I was playing she said "that pause button is soooo obvious, how could you miss it?" I am getting it from all sides on this one.

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